Join our Virtual Card network for increased speed and security with your payments.

Thousands of vendors are on our Virtual Card network because they recognize the benefits of fast, secure payments. We view our network as a marketplace of business relationships. Our enrolled vendors are connected with potential customers already looking for vendors who accept virtual card payments. Stop spending time on manual reconciliation processes and enjoy access to a platform that provides you data on every invoice, every time. Whether you are an AP department looking to make payments or an AR department looking to receive payments, our dedicated specialists will have you up and running in a couple weeks without any downtime. Let us simplify corporate payments for you with a fast, secure, and efficient virtual card system. 


If your company is not setup to accept credit card payments, call us at (800)-800-8983 to learn how easy it is to get set up.

What You Can Expect

Efficiency and Visibility

  • Fast payments=increased cash flow for your business.
  • Single payment batch for multiple invoices to a specified Vendor.
  • Unique identifiers on virtual credit cards allow for easy reconciliation and transparency on payments.
  • No more manual collection of outstanding invoices.
  • Automated reminders on outstanding payments.


  • Dedicated customer service 24/7.
  • Dedicated vendor enrollment team that actively educates and enrolls your vendors in virtual card for you.



  • Visibility to preferred vendors already in our network.
  • Visibility to Vendors and buyers who prefer Virtual Card as a form of payment.


  • No physical card means virtual cards cannot be lost or stolen.
  • Our secure platform ensures the safety and integrity of your payment details.


How It Works

  1. Customer approves vendor invoice batch on the portal.
  2. Payment is disbursed via secure email validation, vendor portal, or STP.
  3. Payment is processed through vendor’s merchant processor.
  4. Funds are settled in days versus weeks.
  5. Payment remittance details are exported directly into your ERP for automated reconciliation.


Why virtual credit cards?

Electronic credit card payments are a growing demand in the world of corporate payments. Commercial cards are estimated to exceed check payments within five years. Speed of transaction, security of the payment, and visibility of payments are reasons why demand for virtual credit cards continues to grow. Eliminate manual paper processing, check-writing, and invoicing and bring your company into the future of corporate payments.

Virtual card payments eliminate costs associated with manual processing, labor, and time.

The only fees associated with virtual card payments are standard processing and credit card fees. All of the benefits of virtual card are at no additional cost.

Virtual card payments are the fastest way to receive payment, complete transactions in seconds compared to other payment types.

Our virtual cards are held to the global operating rules of Mastercard , meaning your data, your customer’s data, and your money is safe from fraud.

Virtual card automation eliminates errors associated with non-payments and missed payments, eliminating further costs in your AP and AR departments.


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