Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) Payments

Options Your Vendors Will Appreciate

We understand that your vendors may have a preferred payment method outside of credit card or virtual card payments. That is why our platform is designed to empower you to offer your vendor multiple payment options. Have vendors that only take ACH? We have you covered.


How It Works

What it is

An ACH (automated clearing house) payment sends funds directly to your vendor’s bank account. While it is not faster than a credit card or virtual card payment, it does provide a quicker deliver time (~5 business days) than a check and there are no fees to your vendor. 


1. Payment file is created and delivered to vendor’s bank.
2. Bank submits file(s) into the ACH network for processing and delivery to the vendor’s bank account.
3. Vendor receives payment in their bank account and an electronic remittance, if requested.


The customer initiates the payment.


Remittance invoice received by the vendor.


Funds settle in vendor's bank account.

ACH Value


Payment history, current and future payments, all on one accessible platform.


Simple approval process that avoids costly errors resulting from missed or incorrect payments.



Automated process that eliminates human error and costs associated with manual processing.


Avoid late fees, accidental invoice duplication, and have complete oversight and visibility into your ACH payments.

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