Check Payments

Who Says You Need To Do It?

While true innovation in today’s corporate payments environment looks paperless, some vendors and customers still like their paper checks. We get it! Let us still save your payables team the labor intensive work of manual processing by automating your check payments through our platform. Just because your vendors want the paper doesn’t mean your team has to handle it themselves. 

One click of a button, and your paper costs, printing, and labor all disappear and we ensure your vendor receives their check on-time and in their hands. 

What We Do

Time Management

We handle your check payments and ensure your vendors receive the checks they want. All your team has to do is enter the amount on the platform, we handle the rest.

Cost Effectiveness

Our check fee pales in comparison to the costs associated with labor, printing, and mailing. Another way we do everything possible to save you money.

Long-term Success

Just because some of your vendors and clients want checks today, that doesn’t mean they will be opposed to paperless payment, like virtual card, tomorrow. We make sure we handle your customer needs while leaving the option of paperless transaction on the table for them.


Our Process

Let us handle your checks and your manual process is as simple as a couple clicks.

Questions? Ready to See it In Action?