NBC Global Innovations Fleet Program

From fuel and repairs to scales and services such as IFTA tax administration, our fleet program is built for you.

Providing universal access to funds, savings, capital and compliance solutions for all your fleet needs.


Fleet Owner Benefits


Spending controls to easily manage credit transactions


Access to a secure single-card solution for diesel fuel, maintenance, and more


Preferred discounts at leading fuel merchants and thousands of independents nationwide

Driver Benefits


Fuel at thousands of locations nationwide and get immediate access to company advances


Cover maintenance needs with near universal acceptance on the Mastercard network


Enjoy the benefits of the industry’s most trusted payment method for scales and tire purchases

Empower your fleet and drive up your bottom line.
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When it comes to full service, our fleet program has you covered from saving money and finding capital, to ensuring compliance and finding loads.

Save Money

  • Fuel Discounts
  • Maintenance & Repairs
  • Fuel Spend Optimization
  • CAT Scale Weights

Find Capital

  • Credit Accounts
  • Pre-funded Accounts
  • Factoring Services

Keep Compliant

  • IFTA Tax Services
  • Permits
  • Licensing Services
  • ELD Technology
  • Pilot Car Services

Find Loads

  • Uber Freight

A Credit Card with Control

Our fleet card has universal acceptance with Mastercard networks and provides access to discounts and spending controls. Save money on fuel and maintenance purchasing needs with spending controls that limit card usage and give you full visibility.

Whether it’s fuel card options, flexible funding programs, or compliance services; we offer the tools, preferred discounts, and relationships necessary to fund growth and cover any expenses your drivers encounter.



Stay Compliant

  • Automate and simplify your IFTA filings, including mileage logs, fuel transaction matching, calculations and filings.
  • Simplify permit ordering and allow real-time tracking of Oversize/Overnight and Trip & Fuel permits.
  • Simplify identification and contracting for pilot cars.
  • Streamline your 2290 tax filings and deliver IRS e-file watermark copies within 24 hours.
  • Manage all your licensing and registration needs.

Reduce Your Costs

  • Access pre-negotiated fuel discounts at the leading diesel merchants and thousands of independent locations across North America.
  • Cover unexpected or routine maintenance needs with near universal acceptance on the MasterCard network.
  • Save 30 minutes or more on every CAT Scale weigh by using the Weigh My Truck app with your fleet card.

Improve Your Results

  • Detailed spend reporting and analytics that improve OTR decisions in real time.
  • Real-time transaction scoring of all fuel purchases to identify savings and policy opportunities
  • Real-time integration with major TMS/ERP systems.

Automate Your Fueling

  • Deploy RFID tags to auto-enable fueling while ensuring that purchases conform to standards and policies.
  • Gain easy access to (and payment at) unattended fueling site.
  • Connect and transact with trusted mobile fueling vendors for your on-site, terminal or wet-hosing refueling needs.