International Payments

Global payments anytime, anywhere.

When you want to optimize international payments with a faster and more secure structure, NBC Global Innovations has the reach and capabilities to deliver your payables across the globe. Our ERP system currently handles global payments in 53 countries.



24/7 Money Transfer

Move your money and make payments where you want with 24/7 access on our platform.

Low Fees, Fast Payments

We work to keep your fees low and your payments fast.

Global Payment Settlement

Our ERP platform can settle payments in 53 countries.

Complete Visibility Into All Your International Payments

Our platform is used by thousands of clients across 50+ countries. We make it simple for you to make corporate payments, anywhere in the world.

What Is Virtual Card?

A virtual card is a wireless credit card with a unique designator linked to the specific dollar amount of a transaction. Each virtual card transaction generates it’s own invoice for easy visibility and simple reconciliation.

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