Corporate Cards

Business Expensing in the 21st Century

Gone are the days where your employees need to save receipts and turn them in for reimbursement. Our corporate cards enable you to empower your employees with credit cards for business expenses when on the road. Set limits, monitor spending, and turn them “on” or “off”. Our corporate cards give you the ability to have a workforce that is empowered while giving you the control you need.


How It Works

Unique Identifiers for each Employee

Each user of a corporate card has a unique identifier linked to that card, allowing you transparency on purchases and expensing. Corporate cards give you the ability to keep the card inactive until it is needed and to set specifications on purchases allowed.


Safeguarding Your Money

Limit where the card is used, how it is used, and how much can be spent. Our corporate cards give you complete control over employee expensing and total oversight.

Cash Back

Our corporate purchasing cards are available to you as one of the many resources we provide at no cost to you. Some purchases even qualify for cash back rebates. Just another area we look to save our client’s money.



  • Usable anywhere in the world, whenever you want
  • Unique identifiers for department, employee, or branch
  • Qualifying purchases receive cash rebates

Flexible Control

  • New card issues are fast and easy
  • Monitor and control employee spending remotely
  • Complete oversight on purchasing

Detailed Reporting

  • Set spending limits, turn cards “on” or “off” whenever you want
  • Access to detailed purchasing logs


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