Virtual Credit Cards

Fast, Secure, Efficient.

Virtual credit cards are the fastest payment method in today’s corporate payment market. Each virtual card generates a unique identifier that is set for a specific payment amount–down to the penny. It is the paperless option that brings complete security, transparency, and optimization to your payables department.

We have prepared a white paper:
“The Ins and Outs of Virtual Credit Cards”

How It Works

Virtual card processing operates the same way as any other payment through our platform and actually takes less time to process than a check.

1. Invoice

Receive an invoice from your vendor and approve the amount.

4. Payment Processed

The supplier processes the MasterCard payment which settles between 24-48 hours. Once the payment settles, the virtual card becomes invalid and cannot be used again, protecting you against fraud.

2. Submit Payment

Make the payment from your accounting system.


5. Transaction Files Returned

A file of all transactions for automated reconciliation is returned to you, just like a positive pay file from a bank.


3. Card Number Generated

A virtual MasterCard account number is generated for the specific amount of your invoice payment, including remittance detail and your system generated payment number.

6. Reconciliation

You enjoy peace of mind knowing you now have a payment option that is faster, at less risk for fraud, and saving you time and money in your payables process.


Your virtual card transactions also generate your company cash rebates similar to "cash back" rebates on a personal credit card.

Ghost Cards

Virtual Card for Recurring Transactions

A virtual card that lets you pay suppliers securely for multiple or recurring transactions over an extended period of time. Whether you are looking to automate recurring expenses, or want more complete payment data broken down by client or a specific data set, ghost cards are the perfect fit for your payables department.

What is a Ghost Card?

A ‘ghost card’ lets you pay suppliers securely for multiple or recurring transactions over an extended period of time. Ghost cards give you the best visibility into your payment data and spending trends, perfect for marketing and advertising agencies running extended campaigns.


A ghost card is assigned to a specific marketing campaign or corporate department. Ghosts cards can be used by multiple employees in a department or working a campaign who are authorized to make approved purchases.


Ghost cards give you the control when it comes to the number of payments that can occur in a set period of time as well as capping your total spend at a limit you set. 


Since a ghost card number is linked to a department or campaign, reconciliation becomes simple and straightforward.


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