Get Paid Faster

Are you tired of having to spend time and resources calling to check on payment statuses, spending resources and labor to dispute invoices, and waiting weeks at a time to receive payments for loads you deliver?

Epay manager is the solution to all these headaches. We help your customers pay you faster with our simple, secure, and user friendly portal already used by nearly 40,000 carriers.

How it Works


Your customer creates your invoice automatically after each load you deliver and your invoice is uploaded to our Epay manager platform.


You review your invoice and choose to accept the total or dispute the total. If the invoice is disputed, your customer will receive a secure, automated e-mail notifying them that the invoice was disputed along with your modified invoice and the reason for the dispute.


Once you accept your customer’s invoice or your dispute is settled, you choose your payment date. If your customer offers automated discounts through our platform based on earlier payment schedules, you may choose one of those options based on your cash flow needs.

Our Value

Pay Options

We understand there are times you need to be paid faster. With Epay, you can select your customers standard term or a fast pay option for each invoice you process. With our process, you know the exact day your money will be deposited into your account, every time.


You receive real-time alerts on every action your customer takes regarding your invoices. If your customer rejects or changes a payment, you’ll be notified immediately. With Epay, dispute resolution becomes simple because all documents from your load are visible on the platform and each party is notified if an issue ever arises.


When you schedule payments with Epay, you have a complete record of your transaction dates, amounts, reference numbers, and supporting documents. This makes reconciliation an efficient process, saving you time and labor.

Referral Program

Do you have customers who struggle to pay you on time or take longer than you would like resolving disputed invoices?

Refer them to us and let us help them pay you faster. We are on the cutting-edge of payables automation in the transportation industry and your customers might not know there is a better way to handle their payables. Not only will your customers be thanking you and paying you faster, but we thank you as well by paying you on any referral that ends up using our platform.